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Scallops carpaccio

Clean the scallops. Wrap it in aluminium and froze it during 2 hours  It will be easier to slice it. Lay the plate as one slice of scallops one slice of summer truffle,scallops and truffle,… Put some nice and tasty olive oil and add some flour of salt from “Camargue”.

Beef fillet with truffle

Cook the fillet as you like it (hoven, stew pan) . Prepare the sauce a couple hour before: In a veal stock, cook few shallots with white wine , let reduce . Then add the “creme fraîche” (a good one). let warm until it boiled and add the truffle (15g per person) stop the fire. […]

Scrambled eggs with truffles

Prepare on the morning for the evening. Beat three eggs per person. Add salt and pepper. Cut the truffles into thin slices (don’t grate them). Add a teaspoon of Armagnac and 200 mL of whipping cream. Beat all the ingredients together, cover and let rest. Cook in a double boiler, turning slowly with a wooden […]


Truffle salad

Use 3 different kinds of lettuce: oak leaf lettuce, a variety of red leaf lettuce and endive hearts. Prepare the dressing in the morning for the evening, using the highest quality olive oil (from the Baux Valley, for example). After having brushed the fresh truffles, cut them into very thin slices. Add salt and pepper […]